Rangers draw Dundee United AWAY – Boycott….

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After the draw for the Scottish Cup paired us away to Dundee United the Rangers fans groups have asked for a total boycott of this game by our support.

The RSA, RST, UB, TBO, VB and BH have all released statements asking for the boycott – its now down to the fans to show a unified support of this boycott.

By not going it will show that the fans groups who agreed in principle on boycotting the SPL clubs who voted us out have not forgotten, and will carry it through, also Dundee United will still have to give Rangers half the gate receipts, and instead of the Rangers support in effect paying our own monies, we will get half of every ticket bought by an Arab fan.

Please stick together on this and boycott this game, CG, the manager and players will all be aware of the reasons, and should support those reasons.


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