You can join the Rangers lotto via the Sheffield & Districts Loyal RSC

for just £1 a week.

RESULTS – Weeks 51 to 02…..

Saturday 21st July 11 20 39 40 BB19
Wednesday 25th July 10 11 22 45 46

Saturday 28th July 03 17 32 41 BB48
Wednesday 01st August 07 16 20 44 45

Saturday 04th August 04 09 34 35 BB19
Wednesday 08th August 15 22 35 37 38

Saturday 11th August 01 29 35 41 BB03
Wednesday 15th August

Monthly Draw Numbers

How to Play

Rangers Lotto is a weekly game based, the numbers are drawn at random by an independant person at Ibrox. For £1 a week you are given 4 numbers. This enters you into our Saturday and Wednesday weekly draws and also into our Monthly Rollover Draw!

Saturday Draw: If your 4 numbers match the first 4 drawn at Ibrox then you have won the Jackpot, which is currently anything up to £5,000. If the Jackpot is not won outright then 3 numbers plus the bonus ball wins. If no Jackpot combination is won 3 numbers share the jackpot!

Wednesday Draw: If your 4 numbers match any of the 5 drawn at Ibrox then you have won the Jackpot of £1,000.

Monthly Rollover Draw: If your 4 numbers match the 4 numbers randomly generated from the Rangers Lotto system then you win the rollover amount for that month.

All profits from Rangers Lotto support our Youth Teams and I hope you agree this is a worthwhile cause.

To join e-mail the  


and a form will be sent out.